Review: MARK Juice Gems.

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As you guys know, I'm a new Mark rep! So I made a small Mark haul (1/3 lol). You know I had to! This happened to be one of the things I got. They're buy one get one free right now and come in 10 flavors. I got them in Mango Tango and Papaya.

This review will be for the Mango Tango.

Smelling in the tube, it gives off a strong sweet ripe Mango scent. Its literally mouthwatering (which is probably why I picked to try this one first over the Papaya lol). Since my lips are pigmented, they dont really show up as a color on me though for some people they do. They do give me a shine to my lips. It isnt sticky, it doesnt feel thick. It taste just like how it smells, it has a hint of ripe mango taste to it. It lasts a long time, even through eating and drinking and its extremely moisturizing.

I tried it out the night I got it and I went to go eat dinner and I still felt the gloss on my lips and I was like what did I put on my lips?! And remembered it was the Juice Gem lol!

I really really like this product. I bought 4 more last night. I dont know if anything will top this Mango though!

Also be sure to check out my youtube, I havent had much time to take pictures of my hauls so I've been making videos too. There might be some haul's I dont post here but will post on youtube.

Also!!! If you wanna try this product out, check out my e-store! Dont forget to register as a customer so I can enter you in any of my future contests!

8 Responses to Review: MARK Juice Gems.

  1. Rai

    Ooooh I've been eyeing these.
    I love scented lipglosses, not the ones that make you all queasy though. lol
    I'm going to go check out your video now.

    AND YAY YOUR STORE IS UP! Have you been selling to your anyone yet?

  2. Chomsiri

    they look juicy! thanks for the info!

  3. Kym

    droooooolls i love mangos!!!!! mango tango would probably be gone in a week with me using it. hahaha! ;P

  4. fuzkittie

    Mmm love mango!

  5. Rai

    Sell to your family, friends, and etc. lol
    That's what I started to do with my NYX.

  6. mszcheysser

    When you said that it taste like mango, you captured my attention. I'm looking at your store right now! Hahahahaha :)

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Hazel, I am interested in this gloss but I wanted to comment on something you might like as well.
    Check their Beauty section.

    They have a variety selection of lipglosses.

    I used to have the Mango one, it smells very good and it lasts long as well!

    From, Tina

  8. Marie.

    @dorkiazzpnai - Hey! I saw their lipglosses at the store... with the cool colors on the wall haha. I didnt know there were flavors! I guess all the ones I picked up were just colors. But I'm totally going to try some of these out!