CCO haul.

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Last week I went out with my bestie and we went to the CCO over by our city (there's two, I havent been to the closer one, just the farther one) and OMG. It was HUGE! I was super excited. I was literally running around all over the place! They had SO much stuff! A ton of eyeshadows, pigments, reflect glitters, palettes, brushes sets... OMG!

  • MAC Fafi eyes 2 palette
  • MAC Heatherette #2 trio
  • MAC Paint Pot in Greenstroke
  • MAC Tender Tone in Shush!
  • MAC Tender Tone in Soft Note
  • MAC Pigment in Aire-De-Blu
  • MAC eyeshadow in Claire De Lune
  • MAC Fafi doll (not pictured)
  • ELF Shine Erasers (Target)
  • NYC eyeliner pencil in white (Target)
  • Boots No.7 makeup remover wipes (Target, not pictured)

I have been on a search for Claire De Lune and I'm so freakin excited that I actually found it! I was totally not expecting to ever find it but ahh! Seriously, best CCO haul, ever!!

They had a bunnnch of other things I wanted, but I didnt have enough money for it all, next time!

Also, I'm reallyyy liking the Boots No.7 makeup remover wipes. I've been looking for a makeup remover that can easily remove Fluidline and this one seems to be doing a good job. I'll be reviewing every makeup remover I've used pretty soon.

5 Responses to CCO haul.

  1. izumi

    wooowwwwww nice haul xD

  2. Rai

    OMG! Lucky you, there is not a single CCO is this state. BOOOOOO! I want to try those paint pots.

  3. Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac]

    omgahhh im so jealous! my cco sucks! lol

  4. Chomsiri

    man i wish i can go crazy and buy tons of makeup but im so damn broke. ive always wanted the fafi palette

  5. Anonymous

    i just went to that CCO.... napa right? hahah, i woke up and i was like..i want to buy some makeup today. it's almost like they have too many things and then you wanna buy everythinng. but oh well, YAY MAC!