Mother's Day.

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My memory is proving to fail me even more than I thought possible. I didnt blog about my birthday haul or about my Mother's Day haul! I did make a video on the Mother's Day haul, so I guess I assumed I blogged about it... and every time I realized I didnt, I didnt have time to. And now that today is Mother's Day... well, its still not really considered late.

  • LA Colors palette (Martin picked this one... awww!)
  • NYX blush in Mauve and Spice (I ended up not giving her Spice cause it looked too much like Mauve)
  • Flirt! Stippling brush
  • ELF Translucent Matifying Powder
  • ELF eyeshadow brush (not pictured)
  • MAC lipstick in Dubonnet (not pictured)
  • MAC quad (I made myself with White Frost, Gesso, Era, Mulch)

I also write her a letter. I was originally going to write her a short letter in her card, but I didnt want to ruin it cause it was so pretty! So I wrote it on a notepad paper and I ended up making it two pages long! Myyy bad. I guess there was more than I thought I wanted to say hehe.

So this morning, she wrote me a letter back =). I love how my mom write me little notes and letters... even though sometimes they can be annoying. But usually when she write me actual notes, I keep them.

I'm happy she liked her gift, I was scared she wouldnt! Esp since there was a few MAC items in there, but I stated boldly in the letter that everything was paid for in cash so that probably made her feel a little better lol.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there as well! =)

5 Responses to Mother's Day.


    i like the mac palette you made!

  2. izumi

    awww :) what a cute gift!~ especially the 2 page letter. wayy too cute ;)

  3. Dana Yoshimizu

    I keep forgetting to blog about a lot of things too. =b I'm just going to make VERY late post about all of the things I need to catch up one. haha

  4. fuzkittie

    What a sweet daughter you are!! :D

  5. Lisa

    That is very sweet of you! Love how you write letters to you mom :)