Award =)

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I was surprised to check my comments yesterday and find an award from the lovely Ms. Giling! Thank you so much! I've never received an award before =).

The Rules:

  1. Take your award here
  2. Put the logo on your post
  3. Link the person who awarded you
  4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers
  5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours
  6. Leave a message for your nominees

I nominate:

  1. lasagnax3
  2. mzfili
  3. steffspms
  4. amorousandsunkissed
  5. xdeathx
  6. tralalalisa
  7. vintageortacky

4 Responses to Award =)

  1. GiLiNG

    girl u are SO welcome!!!


    hi there. stumbled on your blog. :) i'm a beauty blogger myself. you'll see me stumble by a lot more often on here :)

  3. Anonymous

    thanks cuz! luv ya! :)

  4. Lisa

    thanks lovely :)! keep up the blogging~