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This entry is kinda late, I finally bought something from Lush (after going in that store for years and not buying anything)! It was hard deciding on what I wanted. Originally I knew I wanted "Honey I Washed the Kids" soap but I was trying to stay within a $15 budget. So that was out of the question. I ended up just getting two things.

  • Too Drunk... Emotibomb
  • Each Peach (and Two's a pair) Massage Bar

I havent tried the Emotibomb yet, though I had planned to when I went to Disneyland. The Massage Bar, I think I did it wrong because I ended up with lots of oil's all over me and I almost slipped in the shower a few times. Not a good look!

I havent decided on what I'm getting next from Lush, its a bit hard since I live at home with my parents and I dont have my own shower. They might think it's food or something and throw it away.

So since I found out that you could make your own palettes at MAC (and not have to go to the pro store), I kinda went a little nuts with these palette haul's. It was expected though wasnt it!

I had bought the 188 from MAC Macy's (instead of shelling out the extra money for a 187) but ended up not liking it, so I planned to exchange it for the 109, but they were sold out. So I went to the MAC store and bought the 109 there. Along with, of course a new palette.

  • Beauty Marked
  • Club
  • Hush
  • Nylon
I didnt like Club so I exchanged it later for Creme de Violet. Went home and thought about it and didnt like it either (I dont think I'm a big fan of velvet's cause of the glitter that just obviously stands out). So I exchanged it for Stars N Rockets and I think I'm satisfied now lol!

I had bought two new refills (about a week or two after the last palette haul) to complete my birthday palette (which only had Phloof! & All That Glitters). I also ended up picking up one of the Dazzleglasses from the Double Dazzle collection.

  • Rags to Riches Dazzleglass
  • Knight Divine eyeshadow
  • Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow
  • Violet pigment (sample)
Of course you know I had to get a sample! I still got my eyes on Pink Opal and Golden Lemon pigments. I havent been a huge fan of yellow eyeshadow but lately I have been! It might be that Spring vibe goin around.

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  1. izumi

    nice lush haul! i still haven't gotten sucked into it but i might since there's a store opening near me soon, haha. nice palette! i like it :)

  2. GiLiNG

    ooh nice haul!

    in response to ur comment: i like 'em. the pigmentation is great as long as you use a primer. it also kind of depends on the color you get.

  3. fuzkittie

    Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog~ :] Nice to meet you!

  4. GiLiNG

    in response to ur comment: i saw some at Longs (drugstore) before, but the ones i carry around are just regular q-tips that i dipped into some makeup remover (physician's formula mu remover lotion). =]


    nice haul! i havent tried lush =X

  6. GiLiNG


  7. Banapple

    I love lush!! glad you caved in haha :)