Rant: AVON shipping.

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As a kid, I wasnt a fan of AVON. I remember my mom buying from her friends who were reps, we'd always get those little catalog books they give out. Fast forward about 16 years lol. Some time last year when I started to get into makeup, I decided to give AVON a shot. I was in this "try every brand possible" phase. I dont remember what I ordered, I dont think I even blogged it. How horrible! I know I got one of the Mark Lemon Sugar body sprays that I love. I love anything that smells like lemon and lime. I also got one of the Orchid Chocolate body lotions that I was getting for my mom (she loves Orchid's) but I ended up keeping it for myself hehe.

I was watching some video's last week on some of the I-Mark eye shadow's and decided to try them out. So I got 2 shades, I also got 2 of the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad's, a lip stick, a travel kit and a free gift.

Welllllllllllll, I got my package today and you know how like Sephora has their boxes stuffed with tissue paper, well Avon only had one small strip of tissue paper and a small half strip of bubble wrap. I guess someone had spilled what looked like coffee on my box because it had a water stain on my address sticker and the corners were wrinkled like they were wet. The contents in the box were... OMG. The boxes to my quad's and eye shadows were damaged and looked like they were soaked! Not to mention an eyeshadow refill box and a quad box were stuck together, I had to pull them apart and I ended up ripping the side of one of the boxes off and they felt damp!! It was gross!

The products themselves are fine. Nothing was damaged, I think. I havent checked the inside of the quad's yet. I dont have the boxes either, I tossed those as soon as I saw the damages to them. I tried calling their customer service and I was transferred about five times and directed to some automated system menu before I ended up so frustrated and just hung up. None of the people who answered my call's prior to re-directed me sounded concerned either!

I dont think I'll be ordering from them online anymore. If I really want to try something, I'll head over to the Avon store in Daly City (which my friend just told me about). But as far as ordering online... nope. Never again.

6 Responses to Rant: AVON shipping.

  1. fuzkittie

    You're in SF?? If so, wanna come to the meet up?? :]

  2. Chomsiri

    aww im sorry to hear about that :( i usually stayed on the phone and I always get someone to fix my problems. Wait it out hun <3 it'll be worth it! one time they gave me back my money or gimme super big discount!

  3. Lisa

    I hope everything gets figured out!

  4. Dana Yoshimizu

    I gave you an award on my blog! <3 :)

  5. GiLiNG

    aw that sucks =(. never had to deal w/ their customer service, so.. didn't know they sucked.
    if i was near u, you could've ordered from me! lol. well the mark stuff anyway. hope what u ordered works out for u =)

  6. Rai

    Omg, that's horrible!
    I ordered from Avon for the first time this year, and everything was packaged great.

    Obviously someone at the Postal Office destroyed your package. smh @ them.