Review: C.O. Bigelow Tropical Fruit Face Scrub

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I've been meaning to do a review on this product forever! But I always keep forgetting to (of course...). So while I was writing a review for it on B& I figured I might as well do one here too lol.

I saw this product online in December and unfortunately I couldnt find it any of the Bath & Body Works stores in my area. While I was waiting for a friend outside of Sephora, I decided to take a peek in B&BW and see if there was anything I'd like. And I saw this! I smelled the tester (dont act like you dont walk in there & smell random things) and it smelled delicious, so I decided to get it.

My face gets really dry. Especially during the winter and when the seasons change. I get dry patches under my eyes, my cheeks and my chin. I've tried numerous face washes to somehow get rid of the dead skin (at least, everyone keeps telling me it's just dead skin) but everything I've tried has left my skin even worse. Some prodcuts have left it stingy and feeling raw (then again I tend to scratch off the dry spots).

This product doesnt do any of that. For one, it smells really good. And its a really nice exfoliating feeling, and when you wash it off its extremely refreshing. It helps keep the dead skin off and the dry spots gone.

I'm like half done with my bottle and they stopped carrying it at Valley Fair Mall! I might have to stock up online while its still there. I highly recommend this product!

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