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I've been away for awhile. Trying not to do any major damage since this year started (not to mention that I have no more room on my credit cards, how sad). I have a few small 2 item hauls that I'll probably just combine them all when I get around to having time to update.

Just wanted to drop by & say hi =D

3 Responses to Hai!

  1. TanyaLasagna

    Say it ain't so! You're like.. the haul master!! LOL .
    meh, same here. I'm putting myself on make up ban for a while. I'm saving up for some MAC stuff and a Kryolan palette :3

  2. Chef Ray

    get on more and post more. lol

  3. TanyaLasagna

    Santana Row...? Most likely not me; good thing you didn't say hi. Lol! Haven't been to Valley Fair in a while :[ I WANT TO GO TO THE MAC & SEPHORA STORES THERE!! ;___;! Omg ! We should totally do a Bay Area make up blogger meet up one day! :D