Okay, okay.

on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Filed under:

I suck at updating. I get it! Haha.

I have a review still sitting on my desktop for the last, what? Two or three weeks?! I have about five hauls (and about four coming in) to update on and for some reason I dont remember to update this blog until right before I go to bed, even though I have it open all day long. I know, right? Makes no sense!

Okay, okay. First thing when I get up (maybe not first) in the morning I'll update that review.

I'm thinking of doing youtube videos because I'm getting that lazy to blogging (ooh, that sounds bad, I dont think I want that to be true) and I'm tired of lurking and not having any videos on my channel but actively leaving comments! I just hate recording/re-watching myself. I dont know why, it just... ughhhh. Plus I dont know how to use Windows Movie Maker...? I think its called?

I kinda want a Mac Book Pro, but... with my debt, that is SUPER unlikely. I wish I could return my Acer Aspire One. It's cute and not a hassle at all to bring around with me but, its not made to do anything epic with! Lameee. Oh the prices I pay for cuteness.

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