Dry skin.

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My dry skin drives me insane

I have dry spots on my face which make it difficult to wear foundation since it tends to irritate my skin. And not only is it dry, but it's itchy too. It's not eczema. It sometimes flakes, but most of the time just by looking at me, you wouldn't be able to tell. Right now the most irritating spot is my chin. I exfoliate and I moisturize and it still, most days, itches like crazy.

I was using Mark Matte Chance but I think my skin has grown immune to it, so I'm going to switch back to Clinique Moisture Surge. Hopefully it helps!

I get dry skin on my hands too, mostly probably from my OCD and washing my hands so many times. When the weather changes, it gets the worst. It has dry areas as well as really intense itching. I've been waking up every morning this last week to swollen hands from scratching in my sleep. It's so weird because it doesn't feel like the itch is on my skin, it feels like it's on the flesh under my skin. But the scratching promotes swelling and I get these really weird painful white bumps that kinda look like hives bumps and they scab over. Even if they weren't bleeding. And yes, I've gone to the doctor for this! I've gone for the last 3 years only to have her tell me "its nothing" or "its not big deal" or "I don't see what you're complaining about". She even told me that if she sent me to a dermatologist for this, she would lose her job because "there's nothing there". Doctors, they're so comforting, aren't they? And yes, I did switch doctors after my last visit about my hands. I haven't brought it up with new doctor just yet, but I think I might have to. Soon.

I use lotion a lot on my hands, but like the moisturizers, my hands grow immune to them and I have to switch on and off between several different types.

Does anyone else have similar problems? How do you cope with them?

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  1. Lisa

    I've also got intensely dry skin-- mine are on my cheeks between nose and cheekbones. I stopped using moisture sure cos it didn't work for me :\ I'm using cellnique's drench me or something like that, works much better.

    I also use the wave to exfoiliate... thinking of investing in a clarisonic..

  2. xoladiihoneyxo

    awww, sorry to hear what you're dealing. Maybe you might want to try Skin MD or Eucerin plus intensive repair (the one with the green cap)? Some doctors are stupid, they shouldn't even be saying "I might lose my job for sending you over since it's nothing" or somewhere along that line. If it's nothing, then why would you have it... right? I think you should tell your new doctor about it...

  3. Tina

    I feel you on the dry skin.
    The weather sucks. :(

    Tiny suggestions but it varies on what kind of skin you have that will allow product to work.

    Give these a try:
    Clinique.com, Sephora.com
    Look for Clinique's "Skincare" system, moisturizers. I recently had to switch all my face products because after so long and due to the weather changing your skin starts to refuse the formula, so you kind of have to change routines for certain types of seasons.

    One thing is, it's been a week and honestly I noticed a difference, my skin does seem brighter, and I actually feel the moisture/oils come back. I suggest pea size usage because the other day I used more than a nickel amount allover and during that night towards sleep the oils built up A LOT! But when I woke up my skin def. felt super soft over night so I try to do these steps twice a day if not twice at least before I sleep!

    About your itching, I said something about Zyrtech, talk to your doctor about it... because I'm not a professional and I only know of it because my mom uses it and my sister I forgot to mention has the SAME skin irritation as you.. when she was younger we used doctor prescribed remedies such as baking soda, and I remember the most of: Oatmeal! She bathed in it a lot and pretty soon the dryness, flakiness, itchiness was finally gone. Now her itchy problem is slightly mild, she sometimes uses creams such as Cortozone 10 I believe and her hands aren't as bad...

    And it could be because of what you said about OCD... I hope everything works out for you. :]

    And that the suggestions might be of help. Make sure to research all these, and wikipedia it. lmao.

    And def.. talk to your doctor.

    Goodluck! :3