Valentines Day 10'.

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We didn't get to do much this Valentines Day since we were broke... in fact, I didn't get Martin anything (and yes, I feel horrible about it)! We agreed to not get each other anything. Which I was fine with. But I had a feeling he was going to break this, even so, I didn't have the time to go out and get him something.

So we agreed to do our tradition... Todai for lunch and that was it. Well, I went to pick him up and he surprised me with this!

He got me the baby orchid I wanted from Home Depot, Pansy flower seeds (I was pointing out flower seeds at Home Depot that were "like in Alice in Wonderland!") and a really sweet card where he wrote a short note saying that even though times are hard, he's happy we're still together. Aww :)

After having lunch at Todai, we walked around the mall and I got to get a MAC lipstick. I got Blankety, I wanted to get Baby Sparks too but they sold out... boo! Then we went to walk around downtown Walnut Creek which was packed! Oh my gosh! We walked around for awhile, just enjoying each other's company and the sunny day. I also got to get an Alice in Wonderland book that comes with Through The Looking Glass too! Yay!


My small Valentines Day haul hehe. I eventually ended up getting Baby Sparks the next day though!

We went home then and made Hamburger Helper. I wanted to make Hamburger Helper for dinner because that's what we did for our very first Valentines Day together six years ago. And since it's our first Valentines Day married, I figured, why not? It came out really really good too!

My mom got me gifts too (like she always does) she got me tulips (which is what I wanted too, yay!), some Bath & Body Works stuff, a rose, a paper rose and this really cute card that says "to my daughter and son-in-law". I thought it was sweet she included Martin this year.

If you want to see the rest of the pictures and a more detailed entry on Valentines Day, check my domain blog entry here. I just wanted to make this short entry but I didn't want to repeat everything lol.

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  1. Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's

    My hubby LOVES Hamburger Helper .... me on the other hand not so much!! So fun since you did it 6 years ago!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Now following ya :)