His name is Martin and he's my best friend.

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I got this idea from April. One of things I want to do with this blog, is share my own personal life with you guys. So what better way to start than to talk about my husband! As you all know, we got married late last year. So we're still brand fresh newlyweds :).

I wanted to take a moment to ask you something... What in the HECK does your husband do all day? Our blogs are ALL about "Me me me me, I I I I, kids kids kids kids, pets pets pets pets"....it's like we don't even HAVE husbands. But we still put up pictures just to prove we have one.

So...tell me about your husband? What does he do? What is he like? What are his hobbies? If he had the entire day to himself, what would he be doing? What would you force him to do instead? What are his pitfalls? What's awesome about him? You can put it in a COMMENT, or link to a POST about him!

My husband's name is Martin. He's the second oldest out of five children, though he somewhat takes the role of the oldest. He's the most sane out of the five children, I can tell you that. He's, I believe 6ft (I know, horrible, I don't exactly remember anymore). He has naturally curly hair (that bugs the hell out of me, thank goodness he shaves it all off), warm brown eyes, adorable dimples (I love the hell out of his dimples), a smile that make anyone else break out in a smile and scars that all have stories behind them. I love every single scar and mole on his face (especially the scar on his chin that was kinda my fault)!

He's a big baby! He's such a child! He pouts, and whimpers, and pokes and gets in my face when I'm not listening and goodness. Sometimes I feel like he's my child and not my husband. But he is very kind, understanding, funny and hard working when he's not being a pain! Haha. He's got a silly soul, he goes out of his way to make me laugh and smile when I'm sad or angry. And he'll do anything to see a smile on my face. Like twirl me when we're walking around the mall. Or pull me around and dance with me in the middle of Home Depot. Or sing me a song at the top of his lungs. And if all else fails, he'll make up a story about a tickle monster and tickle me until I can't breathe.

He's into martial arts, building and fixing computers, watching movies (he hates reading but he'll watch the movie!), and he's a huge huge huge HUGE gamer. By huge, I mean HUGE. He's into every system and almost every game you can think of (he doesn't play Modern Warfare thank goodness but he does play MMORPGS and if you ask me, those take up way more time than MW)! He recently got an Andriod phone and the first thing he did? Downloaded games. Great. LOL. He really isn't into much else besides those 4 things which makes him sound boring, but he's pretty interesting, surprisingly lol!

He says one of his hobbies is helping me do what I'm trying to do. He's very supportive of any and everything I do (which is probably why I take on the most off the wall projects... just yesterday I signed up for the Glee open casting call. I can't even dance and I don't sing that well!), no matter how off the wall it is. He's my assistant when it comes to mailing off packages (so to all you I've mailed a package to, my husband was the one who checked everything is in the packages and sealed them for me!). If I'm having trouble figuring out something web or graphic design-wise, he's quick to google a solution for me. Or help me do it step-by-step if I just don't understand. He's supported me through every single OCD therapy appointment I've had through the years and he tries to help me with my OCD as best as he can. He's believes in me like no one else has ever had and he makes sure that I know I'm his princess.

We met in high school. I noticed him two months after starting at a new school (I got kicked out of my previous school and was sent to this continuation high school). We didn't talk much, and I thought he didn't notice me. But he did, but we were both way too shy to speak to each other. He eventually made the first move. We were at a field trip at Travis AFB and we were both waiting to play CounterStrike with Airmen (kinda funny now that I think back on it) and Martin comes up to me and he's like "hey, dont you play DDR?" and I responded with "yes... why?" and he was like "I was there with my friends at Rock N' Ride when they kicked you off the pads" and I was like "oh... and?" and he kinda just stopped talking to me haha! I get mean around guys I like, trust me, I was kicking myself after that last response! We didn't start being friends until the middle of that school year when we were both in Leadership and Journalism together. He was constantly bugging me in class, when he wasn't asleep and we were constantly screaming at each other because he was just so damn irritating sometimes! By the end of that year, we were really close friends. The following year, we were the only two people who had to repeat the 12th grade that were in Leadership, so obviously, we had a lot of time to spend together. And that's how we became best friends, and more than that.

We originally got engaged 5 months after we started dating, he proposed at Disneyland on the last day of Grad Night. Under my favorite part of the castle. Of course, at 19 you can't tell your parents that. So we didn't :).

My husband is my best friend. I don't know where I would be without him. We have a similar way of thinking as far as relationship and life goes. If anything were to happen and we weren't meant to be together forever, we would be completely fine with this. And know that no matter what happens, we'd still be best friends.

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  1. August

    Your post made me smile!

  2. Anonymous

    Aww this is so cute! :D

    Makes me want to do this too! :D

  3. My-My

    i like this post. :)
    its really nice to see you open up.
    and thanks Martin for putting together the packages. :P

  4. BLV's Mommy

    Aww what a great post! He sounds like such a great guy. =) You guys are THEEEE perfect couple to me. =) Do you mind if I do this too? You've inspired me. That's so funny and SO true....all I do is talk about my son and stuff about little old me but I never say anything about Ryan. LOL!

  5. Anonymous

    Oh wow, you can watch it on your phone? Oh man. Good thing I don't have that. I'd be on my phone all the time just watching it! lol! haha yeah, I guess alot of people have that "I wanna grow up!" mentality and I think that's the reason why they want to be with their current boyfriend or girlfriend forever too. :S I remember you posting a bit about getting married to Martin. I admire you for doing that and getting married with Martin, with him going away. It takes alot of courage, trust and respect to be in a relationship with a militaryman (my dad, cousin and a few of my friends are/were in the military). Props to you girl! :)