Bucket List.

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I always liked the idea' of a bucket list. Though before I figured out what this way, I used 43things.com so I guess that's kinda like a bucket list... right? I was reading Carrie's blog and decided to finally write out my own bucket list :)

  • See New York in the winter
  • Meet a real life polar bear
  • Open my own Cupcakery
  • Learn to code CSS
  • Find a cure or cause for OCD
  • Beat my own OCD
  • Work for Disney
  • Eat at Club 33
  • Visit Italy, Australia, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington
  • Visit DisneyWorld
  • Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Visit my grandfather's grave in the Philippines
  • Graduate with my BA
  • Go back to school for my masters
  • Publish a book
  • Own my own cozy quiet home
  • Get an MRI (I'm terrified of this idea, who know's how long it'll take me to do it)
  • Become a journalist

I know a lot of the things on my list are probably impossible to reach, but if I had to list all the things I want to do in my life, this would be it! I'm sure there's more, but they're not coming to mind right now.

What's on your bucket list?

3 Responses to Bucket List.

  1. e.motion in motion

    I'm sure you can do all of these things sometime! :D Oh yes, and come visit me in Hawaii (:

  2. OceanDreams

    I love your bucket list...writing a book sounds like an amazing goal!

  3. Anonymous

    OoOo!! I wanna work for Disney too! And publish a book! Hmmm I know I made a bucket list once but I dunno where it went to :S

    Can't wait to hear about your experiences of checking these items off your list ;)