NYX End Of The Year Sale!

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Found this in my email earlier, thought I'd share the news =).

Click here.

6 Responses to NYX End Of The Year Sale!

  1. Dana Yoshimizu

    I think I will be making a purchase!! :D

  2. My-My

    I'm beginning to see a pattern with the NYX site. . . they like to make sales when I'm broke. Hopefully they will wait it out for another week more, and then I'd be happy to buy something. lol.

    I hate eczema, so very much. What I like doing is using thick non-comedegenic lotion and then tint it with a drop of foundation, and then i set lightly with a powder. Its the only thing that has gotten me to survive, because liquid foundations straight up irritate it more too. :( I feel ya.

  3. Tina

    lol Yeah they make sales when I don't really have money. >_> lololol. I really want the Glitter bundle. :D :D :D Too many browns in the lipstick selection, great blog ! I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't post. Also, if you have time to check my recent post, it's why I haven't been online much or making comments on YT (account stolen and deleted, etc.) Anyway, I will catch you later, hope all is well! <3 =]

  4. Stephanie

    Rini was my least favorite character too (that I can remember), but I warmed up to her near the end. She got better.

  5. LOLanne

    ahhhhhh.... i dont think ive ever gotten this excited on blog lol. i just bought a bunch of nyx's round lippies buuut my sister's getting the 60 color bundle lipsticks on here.... im sooo excited for her... and me too lol

    thank you for this post hunnie!


  6. OceanDreams

    That is super dangerous my dear, love their stuff!