ELF Studio haul.

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I made a small haul before the 75% off promo came out. I was excited they added new shadow's and blushes. And then of course, I made another haul after the promo came out. Dont act surprised! lol.

Eye Shadow
Row 1: Raspberry Truffle, Sand Dollar, Amethyst, Wild Wheat
Row 2: Saddle & Pebble
Row 3: Charcoal

Tickled Pink & Blushing Rose

The color payoff with the eye shadow's are pretty good. I think Raspberry Truffle is my favorite. They're well pigmented too. I'm missing 2 or 3 colors that were sold out when they first released the eye shadow's but I was able to buy them during the 75% off sale, so I'll post those later. I was able to get a few more blushes too.

Tickled Pink is very light. It's fine with me since it's build-able and I dont like much blush on me, but at the same time, its a little too light. Blushing Rose, I'm not too sure how I feel about.

I'm happy they finally released ELF Studio eye shadow's! I've been hoping that they did! But all the colors are so dark. Like, gothic-ish dark. I dont mind that so much since I'm attracted to dark makeup but it would be nice to see a yellow or a teal or an aqua blue in there too. Hopefully they release something like that in the near future =).

5 Responses to ELF Studio haul.

  1. izumi

    oh goodness hahaha :) that's a lot of ELF hauling! but at ELF's prices, it's pretty worth it :P

  2. cherz ...master

    Awesome thanks for the pics of these!! I've been wanting to order but usual the pics on their site don't do justice.

    Is Wild Wheat, yellower-brown?

  3. Rai

    I hope they create brighter colors.

  4. Becks

    nice haul! Do you think you can depot them? Looks like they'll take up a lot of space!!

  5. Gerritnow

    I love your pictures. They are really nice...