Sammie's Bday Gift!

on Saturday, May 30, 2009. Filed under: , ,

So my super awesomeness friend Sammie totally surprised me with a birthday present this year. She was suppose to mail it to me, but in her exact words "it kinda just kept... growing" lol. So when she handed me the big pink Juicy Couture bag that had my gift in it, it was SUPER freakin heavy! OMGOSH! Haha.

So all of this stuff was in a huuuge pretty Tinkerbell bag that I totally forgot to take a picture of since its hanging with my other purses and I also forgot to take a picture of the dessert body sprays cause it was placed somewhere else, I know, good job right?

I love how everything she got me had a meaning to it (besides the Aerie make up kit lol). All the body washes/body sprays were bakery scents (I'm a huge foodie and I went to culinary school for baking & pastry), the Tinkerbell bag (I'm a HUGEE Disney obsessed fan), the polar bear (my favorite animal) that's wearing a pink sweater (my favorite color), a butterfly key chain (I lovee butterflies!) and a serendipity magazine/napkins (she discovered that Serendipity is at Las Vegas and immediately called me to tell me, Serendipity is one of the places I've been itching to go to since I saw the movie in 2001 & its my favorite word).

Seriously, how awesome is she?! It makes me feel super special that she put so much thought into my gift! Then again, she always puts so much thought into all of my gifts! I totally love this chick! Thank you sooo much Sammie!!

This is probably my favorite part of the gift =).

3 Responses to Sammie's Bday Gift!

  1. Rai

    When is/was your birthday?
    Aww, enjoy your gifts though.
    The polar bear is too adorable.

  2. Chomsiri

    happy birthday! :D haha
    and those are some cool gifts!

  3. Kym

    not sure if your bday has passed or not, but happy birthday! :) truly an awesome friend... i love when people actually put thought into gifts! and oh my...bakery scnted body wash!??!?! *mmm* hehe !