NYX Half Off Sale!!

on Saturday, May 30, 2009. Filed under: ,

I know, this is totally freakin late lol.

  • NYX single eyeshadow in Yellow Pearl
  • NYX single eyeshadow in Highlight
  • NYX single eyeshadow in Green Tea
  • NYX single eyeshadow in Oro
  • NYX blush in Silky Rose.
  • NYX medium make up bag
  • NYX bronzer face and body powder in #2

The bronzer is freakin HUGE. OMG. I was surprised at how big it was! Then again it is a face & body bronzer, which probably makes sense as to why its so huge. I dont know why I bought it considering I dont know how to use bronzer. But I guess, now I can try? Haha!

I'm in love with the Highlight eyeshadow. I hate matte colors, but this is such a nice highlight color! I havent tried the other eyeshadows yet and I dont usually wear blush, but I hope to put these to good use... soon.

2 Responses to NYX Half Off Sale!!

  1. Rai

    Nice haul.
    I rarely wear blush, but I've started to.
    NYX Powder Blushes are sooooo gorgeous.

    And yea that bronzer is huge.
    You can just put bronzer on your cheeks, along with the blush. Or you can put bronze all over the face for a glow. =D

  2. Chomsiri

    idk how to use the bronzer either, LOL! and dang that is big!