MAC Eye Shadow Quad: A Rose is A Rose.

on Sunday, May 24, 2009. Filed under: ,

Out of everything in the Rose Romance collection, I was totally looking forward to this! I was disappointed when it was released with the collection and when I found out that it wasnt going to be released til May 20th!

So on May 21st, I stopped by my Nordstrom's and asked if they had the quad, the MA said they did but.... they didnt get a physical quad in, they had the UPC and would be able to scan it, charge you and send the product to your house.


I was hoping to see it in person before deciding if I wanted it or not. I'm not a huge fan of matte colors, which is part of the reason.

So sadly, I'm skipping on this (though I might cave and actually end up getting it before its too late lol).

I've been totally lagging on updates! I have a bunch to update on, including more ELF haul's. I know, I need to stop hauling ELF! I cant help it, its so cheap and everything's so wonderful and *siiiiigh* haha. I'm waiting on two more packages from them. I've also been busy putting my domain together and dealing with school registration. Oh how I hate it! And a few other things... I apologize in advanced if I flood your subscriptions list with a bunch of my posts =P.

Oh and on an exciting note, I hit 22 subscribers! Yayyyy!!! Thanks you guys =).

8 Responses to MAC Eye Shadow Quad: A Rose is A Rose.

  1. izumi

    ooooo.. super pretty. yea i'm not a big matte fan either but.. meh. the colors look nice :) hopefully if you decide you want to get it, it won't be too late! lol.

    MORE elf! woah.. hahaha.

    woohoooo.. 22 subscribers :D

  2. Chomsiri

    i didnt see that quad either!

    and i havent been hauling from ELF at all! but i know they got some new stuff!

  3. mszcheysser

    Woo! I want to try out ELF more :) It's super cheap, so I don't wonder why you haul.

    Congratulations on getting more subscribers! It's funnnn!

  4. Rai

    I don't mind matte eye shadows, but love my eyeshadows with shimmer!! =D

    More e.l.f. hauls?! LOL Can't wait to see.

  5. Dana Yoshimizu

    We're both on the same boat, totally behind on posts! ahaha I feel like I'm always behind!

  6. Dana Yoshimizu

    I tagged everyone that way so that they can choose which one they wanted to do. & if you want you can do both :)

  7. e.motion in motion

    Hey there! Thanks for following my blog (: Nice posts you've got here (;

  8. izumi

    ugh the f21 around me is a complete mess too :( i love online shopping there though :D hahahaa.