BE, Flirt! and drug store haul!

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I gave in and got the Bare Escentuals "Free To Be Naturally Classic" set. It comes with...

  • Brown clutch
  • Blush in Papaya
  • Eyeshadow in Grateful
  • Eyeshadow in Classic
  • Shadow liner in Sure Thing
  • 100% Natural lipgloss in Wild Honey

The lipgloss totally smells like... you remember back in the day when Starburst had you try to guess the "secret" flavor? It kinda smells like that!

Small Kohls haul!

  • Flirt! LE Eyeshadow Palette in Mod Black
  • Flirt! Candy Stripes Lip Palette in Peach Stripes
  • Flirt! Eyeshadow in Bronze Splash
  • S.O. Perfume in So Sinful
  • Anti-Stress Eye Pillow

I also got an Anti-Stress wrap but forgot to include it in the picture. I lovelovelove Flirt! Cosmetics. Of course, they're owned by the same company that owns MAC and they're only available at Kohls. So back when I worked at Kohls, I'd haul Flirt like.... everyday LOL. I know, bad! But the discount was so good lol.

The Candy Stripes smells and tastes just like the MAC Hello Kitty Lip Conditioner. I am SO serious. I was trying it on and I was like "hmm, this tastes familiar" and I realized what it was, so I had both the HK lip condition in one hand and the Candy Stripes in the other and I was sniffing on and off LOL! It was nuts! Of course, it was a lot fainter than the HK and it wasnt as creamy. But that was a trip!

I thought I would like this, but I hate it. It smells really strong and really gross.

Random drug store haul.

  • Revlon lipgloss in Shine City
  • Revelon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder
  • CoverGirl eyeshadow quad in Coffee Shop
  • Mary Kate & Ashley eyeshadow eyeshadow trio is Passionate
  • Mary Kate & Ashley All Over Shimmer in Sparkling Sky

Its pretty! But I dont know how I feel about it yet lol.

10 Responses to BE, Flirt! and drug store haul!

  1. Rai

    Oooooh nice haul!!
    I wish I could walk into a store and leave with all this... but I usually don't. lol

    It's so hard figuring out what to buy.

  2. Dana Yoshimizu

    Whenever you go shopping, you always come back with awesome stuff! :)

  3. GiLiNG

    Nice haul girl!

    Just a mark rep. I don't sell avon stuff. I think avon reps can sell both? Not sure though.

  4. Chomsiri

    cute haul! eek, sorry about the perfume!

  5. ning * star

    nice haul. hehe =P

  6. GiLiNG

    mark is a part of avon. but there are people that just sell mark (mark reps)-like me =].

  7. fuzkittie

    Cute stuff!! :]

  8. Lisa

    Nice haul! :] I want to try the Revlon Mineral Finishing powder too. Good luck with your shopping ban! It was an incredibly hard task lol for me.


    i've never heard of flirt, but i should def stop by my local khols the packaging looks too cute too!!

  10. mszcheysser

    Heyyy ♥

    Just passing by! Love your site! :) It's so organized. And the quality of your pictures are to die for! Is it the camera or the editing?

    Great hauls! And YAY! For participating in the NYX sales! I was a part of that too. lols!