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So I switched out the Urban Decay skull palette for the wallpaper palette.

And I picked up the SNOW WHiTE lip balm set! I was so excited to see this in the store, and I picked up the last one! I'm a HUGE Disney freak!!

I made sure to check the palette before buying it. The lady who rang me up, was nice enough to check it for me as well since I did an even exchange and told her what happened.

She asked me if I wanted to spend my insider points, I didnt think I had that many but she told me I had 450. I didnt know I had that many. I mentioned that online they had a Harajuku fragrance set, but she told me they didnt have it in the store but she was nice enough to make me one =). For my insider gift I got this instead:

I'm very interested in trying this because the scents they offer sound like they'd smell really good. This one is in Pure Vanilla. I would had loved to try the Vanilla Coconut one.

I just placed another Sephora order a few days ago (I figured out they had the same type of lip balm set like the Snow White one but for Tootsie! Huge Toosie fan as well!). So I'm really excited for that as well as my free insider gift!

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