12 Days of December || Softlips Sugar Cookie lip balm.

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Day 3 - Softlips Sugar Cookie lip balm

A mustmustmust have for December is Softlips Sugar Cookie lip balm! I discovered this in 2007 when I was working at Six Flags. My department went in and out of the building a lot and my lips would get really chapped (I guess it didn't help that the building I was in, they required air conditioning year round). I love the way Softlips tingles your lips. Kinda like to let you know it's working but it's not a strong overpowering tingle (I tried a lip balm that had a painful tingle, I don't remember which one it was though)!

I absolutely love Sugar Cookie. Of all the Softlips flavors I've tried, Sugar Cookie is my all time favorite! I wish it wasn't seasonal, but I guess that would take the fun away. They haven't sold it in stores for the last two winters... which sucks. Softlips website is selling a holiday set right now that has I think 5 of their winter flavors. I only use the Sugar Cookie one lol.

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    Sounds good enough to eat.