Review: MAC Makeup Wipes

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Where to buy: or wherever MAC products are sold
Price: $18 for 45 count or $26 for 100 count

I've been itching to try the MAC makeup wipes for awhile now and I don't know why I was so hesitant to buy it. I've used a few in the store, to wipe off swatches and what not but never actually used it on my face. It would be kinda weird to, in the store, especially if I didn't want to remove my makeup at that time lol. I've heard that this removes everything off of your face, so it made me even more curious about the product (especially since I wear gel liner)! 


  • Takes everything off
  • I LOVE the smell, seriously, I'm addicted to the smell

  • Leaves an oily residue
  • Irritated my eyes
  • Price

I know a few people in the Wicked musical and they use all MAC products there, down to the makeup wipes and they swear that the the MAC wipes are the most amazing thing ever. And yes, I do agree that it does do a great job of taking everything off easily. But! The first time I used these, they made my eye lid's bright pink. I didn't do a lot of rubbing, maybe a few rubs to get spots of eye liner off that it left but not enough rubbing to cause my eyes to go pink! My lids weren't itchy or swollen after, just... pink. Which scared me! But after that first time, everything was fine. But it does dry out my face :\

A few things I didn't like about it was the oily residue. I never experienced this with the ones I've used in the store, so many it's just my pack? But sometimes it leaves oily residue on my hands. Also, I don't like that it dries out my skin. And of course, I don't like how it cost so much! For the price of one pack of MAC wipes, I could buy four packs of my usual Boots No. 7 wipes!

I'm glad I finally got to try these, but I doubt I'll be re buying them any time soon!

3 Responses to Review: MAC Makeup Wipes

  1. xbbkay

    i never knew mac actually sold those, i thought they were for instore only.

    i've never used those before in my routine. i should look into it. thanks for the review!

  2. thugqueen28

    I bought the 100 count a few years ago and the pack I had was kinda dried out :(. I flipped the package upside down and it wasn't no more, I guess the moisture was all at the bottom or something. I bought it only once and never bought it again mainly because its so damn expensive! And it stung my eyes like crazy too... I think its fun trying out different brand wipes. Right now I am using the Target wannabe Ponds one and it was like $3 for 30count I think. The ones from Dollar Tree are really crappy!!!

  3. Rainy Days and Lattes

    I'm curious to try the ELF lipsticks! They look really nice and the colors are great!