Layout change!

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I don't know if you guys are aware... but Blogger recently released Template Designer under the Design tab on your account. I'm not very CSS/HTML savvy like I use to be and I don't have time to re-learn everything... and I don't have money to keep buying pretty awesome special made templates so having Template Designer is great for someone like me who just wants to point, click and pick colors and fonts! The only down side is... you can't fully customize the fonts you use, you have to pick from the list... I'm sure there's some way around that, there has to be... right?

Anyway, this post is just to tell you that I changed my layout and I think I'm going to change it again... I'm so picky when it comes to layouts!

I haven't been posting that often, and I know I should be... summer is really frustrating me right now. I'm not a heat lovin person. I'm more of a winter person if anything... I just don't function well in the summer time! It makes me lazy and grumpy! 

I haven't been hauling that much... at least... not as much as I use to... I've got a few hauls to post and a few reviews to work on... I've been updating my youtube a lot more lately. I guess it's just easier to turn on the camera and film a quick video these days then take a picture, edit it, upload it, blah blah... I'm sure in a few months I'll say that it's easier to blog than vlog, hehe. I'm so indecisive!

I just finished my 3rd class at the University of Phoenix and I'm starting my 4th class tomorrow, which is a writing class. I'm so excited! I love writing. My husband on the other hand is nervous and isn't looking forward to it lol. I think it'll be fun! 

So what have you guys been up to? What are your plans for the summer? And do you function well in the heat??

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