Readers, I need your help!

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I mentioned that I was thinking of hosting this blog, the thing is... I dont really want to host it under foolishxlady. I was thinking of changing the name of the blog to reflect more of what it is. I picked the name foolishxlady because it was one of my favorite AOL screen names in high school (it comes from Ashanti's song Foolish, so yes I made the sn in 2002 lol) and when I started this blog, it was just someone to keep track of my haul's. I didnt think people would actually read it!

So what I'm asking from you is; should I change the name? And if so, what should I change the name to? I know what I should change the name to should be on me considering its my blog and only I know what future posts will be posted, but I have no clue as to where to even start!

The tagline for my blog has always been retail therapy is the best type of therapy but obviously that would be too long to make into a domain name.

Hmph. I'm stumped!

3 Responses to Readers, I need your help!

  1. My-My

    I don't know what you could change the name to. BUT i think you should change it. Because if you aren't feelin' the name anymore then it'll be one of those minor details that will bug you. Like those tiny annoyances of a water dripping noise in the middle of the night. There's no pressure of WHEN to change it, but you should change it. That's my opinion.

    My super first e-mail address was Chocoholic sumthin sumthin along those lines and I was maybe in middle school. I finally changed it last year because i was getting comments about how i "Oh so love chocolate." which of course has changed through out the years. I'm not some die hard chocolate lover. and then for years, I'd just get chocolate for birthday gifts and chirstmas gifts and whatevs. I mean, I know its the thought that counts, but there is more to life than CHOCOLATE. you gets?

    I guess that's why I prefer you change it, just in case it may bother you down the road.

  2. LOLanne

    how about :) i think it's catchy!

    something that somehow includes your name too... i find a lot of blogs i click on includes a part of the author's name... i guess it's more catchy like that?


  3. lipton|TEE

    I think you should change the name because it's what you want for your blog.

    As for as what to change it to, I have no idea... lol

    I know I'm no help but, as you can see I named my blog after me lol.