EOTD & NOTD: Engagement Party!

on Tuesday, December 15, 2009. Filed under: , , , , ,

I have been meaning to post this up since October but I just couldnt find time to! This was my ETOD and my NOTD for my engagement party :)

  • ELF Mineral Eye Primer
  • NYX purple Jumbo Pencil
  • MAC Violet Pigment
  • MAC Beauty Marked Eye Shadow
It looked a lot better in person, it was my first smokey eye! I didnt intend for it to be a smokey eye but it ended up that way and I was extremely pleased with it. It just sucks I couldnt take a picture to fully capture it!

  • ELF Nail Polish in Royal Purple
You cant really see it, but it has small purple glitters in it too, I adore this color! Best $1 I ever spent! :)

4 Responses to EOTD & NOTD: Engagement Party!

  1. xoladiihoneyxo

    purple! Is your wedding theme going to have a purple shade?

  2. e.motion in motion

    Pretty purples! I <3 that polish too! Same question as xoladiihoneyxo hehe is your theme gonna be purple? ^^

  3. Lisa Kate

    Very pretty! I love the purples with your skintone, it looks perfect!

    PS...You totally have to have a purple wedding XD

  4. Anonymous

    lovely! :) wish i could witness your wedding firsthand :s