Christmas / Wedding Giveaway!

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I know, I know, Christmas is over and I had meant to post this before or during Christmas but it was too close to my last giveaway (which wasnt planned at all, it was a spur of the moment type of thing) so I figured I'd combine this one.

Since I'm getting married this week (and I should be packing right now but you know, packing isnt fun!) and the holidays just ended (unless New Years is considered "the holidays" which I, myself do consider it still part of "the holidays", I'm rambling arent I)... I forgot where I was going with this.

The point is! Haha. I'll be combining both Christmas prizes and other prizes. I havent decided how many winners I'll be picking. This giveaway will run until I get back from my wedding!

Leave a comment below stating what you like the most about Christmas and what you like the least about Christmas. And if you're married, leave a comment stating what you like the most about being married, what you like the least being married and what was your most challenging moment as a married couple.

Ahhhhhhhh I cant believe I'm getting married this week. Which means... today next week I'll be married. OMG. I'm trying not to stress out at the fact that I have one day to pack and I have no idea what I'm suppose to be bringing. Btw, would it be tacky to include one of our wedding favors in the giveaway prize?

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  1. xoladiihoneyxo

    Congratulation on the wedding! Enjoy your wedding ceremony! =]

    I like most about Christmas are the lights I see on the streets on trees and at shops. Although most people don't have Christmas lights at their house as much as before but people still show their creative side. What I don't like about Christmas is that I never get presents. lol.

    Post up pictures from your wedding? =] Are you going to wear purple eyeshadow that you posted up before at your wedding? I think it'll be nice to include a wedding favor to the giveaway prize. It'll make the winner feel a part of the wedding ceremony =]

  2. ~tHiAmErE~

    i bet you're already feeling excited!

    i love the christmas spirit..
    i dunno what is it about christmas but there is something about it that makes the air 'happier'...

    the least?
    i guess its because i spend thousand of bucks
    but nevertheless, it's only once a year so its ok!

  3. LOLanne

    yayyy another giveaway :)) Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Marie... and super congrats on your wedding!!!

    what i like most about xmas:
    - food
    - family
    - anddd the fact that it's a statutory holiday ;)

    what i like least:
    - xmas shopping
    - overcrowded EVERYWHERE
    - weather... i hate winter! bleh

    ... gL to me lol


  4. e.motion in motion

    Merry belated xmas Marie! I got your package today, thank you soooo much for all the goodies! Of course I have devoured all the candy already XD

    Yay, you're getting married soon! Congrats girl!<3 Thanks for having a giveaway too! What I like the most about xmas is spending time with my family. What I like the least is that there's so many people all over and it's really hectic!

    Congrats again love (: <3

  5. INE.

    Hey hun!
    OMG, since I've left twitter I haven't been keeping up with all your wedding details! Can't believe it's so soon! Good luck!!!

    Well, the best thing about Christmas for me is that my hubby gets free days off and we get to spend that time as a family. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I stretch it out as long as I can! Just something about the season makes me feel so close to my faith and family.

    The worst thing about Christmas is when it's over. ;(

    As for married life; I've been married to an AF man for the last 5 years. The best thing about it is that I know in my heart that he was made especially for me. It's also comforting to KNOW that we're always in this together. Marriage has also made me grow and mature a lot.

    The worse thing is when he's on deployment or any type of separation for a long period of time. When you become a military spouse you have to learn and accept that at some point, you must act like a single mother when all responsibilities are left solely up to you. It's a hard responsibility but as his wife, I've got to keep it together.

    So, there's my entry! It was almost a novel! ;) Hope it didn't take too much of your time to read. Congrats again!!!!

  6. lipton|TEE

    OMG! Congrats on the wedding, it has to be so exciting!!

    The thing I love most about Christmas is the fact that I get to spend time with my family and enjoy a wonderful day with everyone, exchaning gifts and seeing all the excited faces.

    The thing I hate the most is going shopping for the gifts. I always shop at the last minute and it always seems to be so many people out.

    I don't think it would be tacky at all to include a party favor in your giveaway... I think it would be cute!!

    Good Luck at the wedding, I hope you have a wonderful time!!

  7. jaci

    Congratulations! :] (And I don't think it would be tacky to include a wedding favour - they're your favours, do what you want with them!)

    My favourite thing about Christmas is that it gives me a break from school. I get to be with my family and have freedom from studying... so happy. :]

    My least favourite thing is that it takes a specific day for people to be with their family and really seem to appreciate it. The togetherness should be a year round thing!

  8. Kyungheeee

    i love the family-ness during christmas time (: of course i love the gifts too! and the great food!
    the only thing that i dont like is that christmas is only one day... so after its over, you have to wait a whole another year for it :(

    congrats on your marriage!

  9. Sookhee

    i really love christmas. i love getting together with friends and family and opening gifts :].

    what i love about marriage...
    its nice to have someone next to your side all the time.. you'll never be lonely! ^^

    the only "annoying" thing is that me and my husband argue alot.. but i think all couples do :]

    congratulations on your marriage~

  10. tayloorsaid

    i love the "holiday" feeling of xmas. xmas gives off this.. aura that no other holidays have (: its wonder lol

    i just hate how xmas is so short :[

    i hope you have a wonderful wedding!

  11. .maitai

    Woohoo! Congratulations on getting married Marie!! :D
    And thanks for posting this giveaway :)

    Hmmm what I like most about Christmas are the many get-togethers with family and friends and aaall the yummy food and the beach...okay that's 3 but...oh well. lol! What I like least about Christmas is that there's no snow here in Hawaii (off the mountain that is). :( I miss snow :(

  12. Lisa

    I am so confused. How was I not a follower of this?

    What I love about Christmas:
    I get to be with people I normally can't spend time with. Eat wonderful food, enjoy wonderful company.

    What I dislike:
    Too much traveling. Too much time wasted on the road :(

  13. Lisa Kate

    I'm a bit late! I hope its still okay!

    Anyhoo, the thing I love most about Christmas is the food...Is that horrible? I freaking love Christmas food...mashed potatoes, turkey, more potatoes, ham, even more potatoes XD

    The thing I like LEAST about Christmas is that I feel like I'm being torn into a bunch of little pieces. I don't have a large family, but we have to go to my dads, my moms, my moms family, my stepdads family, my husbands family, his extended family and probably a few more I'm forgetting! It's just hard to pick who to ditch and who to go see. Not enough time!

    The thing I like most about being married is being a part of a new family. My hubs and I lived together for a couple years before we married so nothing really changed in our relationship. It's so nice to call up my father-in-law and go out to lunch with him! I feel like I have a whole new family and its really special to me.

    What I like least was having to change my name. Not that I was against it or anything but it's a HUGE pain in the butt. Even now, a year later not everything is changed! I have the important stuff done, but it took a long time!

    Our most challenging moment as a married couple was actually a few months ago. My husband is a recovering alcoholic and sometimes its tough to deal with. I made the mistake of telling him it was okay to drink on the weekends. Weekends turned to weekdays and he was drinking every night. Not enough to get black out drunk or anything, but a lot. I had to sit him down and tell him I didn't love "drunk Rob", I love "sober Rob". My parents drank a lot when I was growing up so I am extra sensitive to being treated poorly when someone's been drinking. Rob hasn't drank since that night and everything has went back to what it was like before he did. It's not perfect, but it's still great.

    Oh my, this is really long. (And I think it would be adorable and not tacky at ALL to give a wedding favor!)

    Have fun, relax & enjoy the moment!!

  14. e.motion in motion

    Happy 2010 Marie!!! Nominated you for a blog award ^^

  15. Fee

    Ah you're having another one! hehe Hope the wedding went well!

    My favourite thing about Christmas is also the thing I like least, how does that work out? Well I love the get-togethers and food that happen during Christmas BUT since I'm a pescatarian usually I can't eat much, and staying at a relatives for 10+ is a little excessive imho. I have a love-hate relationship with the get-togethers and food. hehe

    orangeinsanity at hotmail dot com

  16. My-My

    Hey Marie!
    By the time you read this. . . you've prolly gotten married already! HOW EXCITING! congratulations hun! Can't wait for you to share pictures (if you were planning too, I hope you were, I wanna see your lovely dress!)

  17. OceanDreams

    Congrats on getting married - how exciting!! I loved being with my family and everything that entails Christmas. The hardest thing is getting presents for everyone, which is a lot of money!

  18. gummiecookie

    congrats on your marriage! hope it goes well~

    christmas is totally my favorite holiday! who doesnt love recieving gifts? lol. gift opeing is my favorite. besides receving gifts, i like seeing the reaction of the people opening the gifts i gave them.. gives me a feeling of accomplishment (:

    there really isnt i dont like about the holidays.. everything is great! :)