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I just hit 75 subscribers!

So I'm going to be doing an ELF giveaway! All you have to do is comment below on what is an ELF product you love OR always wanted to try and what's an ELF product you hated. Giveaway ends on December 10th!

Annnnd go!

15 Responses to ELF GIVEAWAY!

  1. e.motion in motion

    Yayy! Congrats & thanks for the giveaway!! The ELF product I currently am loving is their brightening eyeshadow quads =] I am curious about trying their mineral infused primer. And I HATED their candy shop lip tins. Mine were GROSS!

  2. Chommie

    oh wow another giveaway! maybe ill win this one too? ;) haha

    i really like ELF's studio brushes.

    i wish i could try their high definition powder, professional shine eraser, makeup cloths, eyelash curler, and fake eyelashes.

    i didnt like their brightening eye liners, powder puffs, and their elements customize your compact e/s :P

  3. LOLanne

    awww Marie congrats on hitting the big 75 :)

    kk heres my entry:
    - don't really own any elf products buut one that i want to try is definitely their e/s brushes (read a review on it by erynn aka emotion in motion :P)
    - as for elf products i hated... i dont really have any hates since i never tried any elf products in the first place :PP


  4. Lisa Kate

    Congrats!! This is so exciting!

    The product I want to try the most are the Studio line blushes.

    The product I hate...well pretty much every normal line eyeliner! That brightening liner was so exciting and felt like rubbing a piece of wood in my eye. Ouch!!

  5. izumi

    i've been wanting to try their brushes since you had an entry about them :P and i wasn't a huge fan of their candy shop lip tins :|

  6. Lilly

    Congrats on your subscribers!
    I would like to try Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Baby Lips.
    And I have never tried any Elf products yet...so no hate for me ^^

    Thanks for the chance.

  7. jaci

    Congratulations on your subscribers! :]

    My favourite ELF product has to be the sharpener (it's so niiice!) and the blush (super pigmented so it gives me a lot of variety if I want a very pale look or a more dramatic look.) And I totally have to try their eyeshadow primer.

    And I have not played with ELF enough to found a bad product yet. Their nail polishes could be a little more pigmented though.

  8. Anonymous

    Whoohoo! Congratulations! :D

    hmmm an ELF product that I looove is...well, I have too many "loves" for ELF. lol. I love their studio brushes, their nail polishes, their studio eyeshadows...and I'm so tempted to try their new studio primer and brush cleaners.

    I didn't really care for their brightening eye liner...it smudges for me :(

  9. Kyunghee

    and congratulations!

    i looove elf products (: (affordable and good quality!)

    i really love their studio powder brush. the best face brush i have ever used! i also like their studio primer

    i really wanted to try out some of the new studio products! like the lipstains, lipglosses, powders, brush cleansers, makeup kits.. so many! lol

    i am not too fond of their brightening eyeliners, as i see alot of other people agree with me lol. it just wasnt an impressive eyeliner. any other $1 eyeliner from drugstore would have worked the same.

  10. NaNa

    thank you for having this give away
    let's see I love the studio line brush, they're so awesome. i love the price also, they can compare to some of my favorite brush from bobbi brown and dior. what i hate from E.L.F is the candy shop lip tint. First, it smells nice like coffee then turn to some wacky smell. uh........
    anyway, peace everyone

  11. DeylaMG

    I love elf's liquid eye liner in black. It goes on really smooth and the tip makes it easy to do cats eyes or really wing out your liner. Without using a really good base or primer potion the eyeshadows don't work so well, but I've learned that lesson!


  12. Fee

    Congrats on your subscriber! I'm a new one. ^-^

    I love ELF's Vanilla Coconut shower gel! I don't hear too many people talking about their bath products but I love them! The fragrance is sooo yummy! If you like coconut you'd love it. I also really like their eyeshadow primer.
    What I didn't like was their individual false lashes, the glue sucked and I didn't think they looked very nice.

  13. Anonymous

    i love elf brushes! who doesnt love em? i really wanna try their new eye primers.. theres 2 new ones!

    i dont like their candy shop liptins.. im not fan so having to use my fingers to apply lipgloss XP
    the lipgloss also sort of feels like glue on my lips :/

  14. littledeadmommy

    I've been wanting to try the eye widener..I don't think I really need it but I wonder if it actually does make your eyes appear to be bigger.
    I hate the Pink Lemonade Liquid lipstick...it looked terrible on me and I'm not even sure why I tried the shade to begin with.


  15. rhaindropz

    i didnt like their brightening eye liners and their mascaras too

    but i so loved loved their blushes and lippies