My favorite ELF brushes.

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I was going to do a review on the brushes and do a "face" post and an "eyes" post but I'm horrible at reviews and I figure I should just do one post with my favorite ELF brushes (because you guys know... I love my ELF brushes).

I'm very picky about my brushes. Mostly my eye shadow, foundation and eyeliner brushes.
ELF Studio Powder Brush

I swore off buying ELF after realizing that the $1 wasnt that great and I was spending too much money on things that were just okay. I went out and bought the MAC 187 brush cause I've had my eye on it for like... ever. Then I ca m e across someone's blog who had reviewed the ELF Studio Powder Brush. This was when the studio line first came out, but since I swore off ELF, I didnt notice it was released. Anyway, they mentioned it was a dupe for the 187 so I ordered 2. And a few other brushes from the studio line. I compared both the 187 with the powder brush and realized that the powder brush was more of what I was looking for. A nd immediately returned the 187. I havent regretted it since!
I love this brush because it is extremely soft. It feels s o goood against your skin. It does a really good job of buffing in foundation, powder or liquid. I also used it for my MAC translucent powder and it worked really great for that too. I loved how the brush didnt shed or bleed (and it still doesnt) when washed.

ELF Studio Angled Foundation Brush

I am in love with this brush! As far as foundation brushes go. It's not scratchy at all! A few of the other brushes I've used ended up scratchy afte r a few washes but even after over 10 washes this brush is still as soft as it was when I first bought it! I'm not a fan of the angled part of it, but it still does what I need it to do, so I'm satisfied with it!

ELF Studio "C" Brush

For the same reasons I'm picky about my foundation brush also applies to my eye shadow brush. I've had a few that were soft but after a few washes ended up being really scratchy. This brush however, is great. Its soft, its dense, it doesnt bleed or shed, I've lost count how many times I've washed it but it doesnt turn scra tchy. I like using this brush especially on pigments. Its great for packing on the color with loose e ye shadows. On the site, it says that the "C" is to make a smokey eye a little easier to do, but since its hard for me to find my crease in the first place, for me the brush is a little too big for that.

ELF Eye Shadow Brush

I have love/hate thing going on with this brush! Sometimes I love it, sometimes I like it a little more than the studio C brush other days, I hate it. This is one of those brushes that after a few washes tend to go scratchy on you. But it also depends because a few of mine havent but a few of mine have. But for $1, this brush is better than ones I've paid $3 for. This brush doesnt shed but sometimes you can see the hair's coming up, and I usually spend some time pulling them out. Does anyone else do this?! Anyway, this brush is soft and its good for apply highlight (at least, that's what I use it most for). With pigments it doesnt work as good as t he C brush but with pan eye shadow's it works well with. So I just keep it to pan shadows and highlights with this brush.

ELF Blending Brush

This is one of my new found favorites! I dont know why I never bought it/used it before! I hate using the same brush for everything, and when I try to blend out those harsh lines with a brush I've already used, I end up spreading the color in places I dont want it! So as I was on the search for a nice blending brush to keep for just that job alone, I came across this! This brush is great for blending out those harsh lines and to use for paint pots (I dont prefer to use my finger when it comes to paint pots). I dont know why I didnt discover this sooner!

ELF Studio Complexion Brush

Another new found favorite! This brush isnt as full and dense as the ELF Studio Powder Brush. Its really soft and it works really great with bronzers, highlight, blush and the ELF Studio Complexion Perfection face powder. The reason why I like this brush so much is because it packs enough product so that you can build it instead of just grabbing too much product. This is seriously one of my every day grab brushes!

6 Responses to My favorite ELF brushes.

  1. e.motion in motion

    Great post! I ordered the powder brush for my mom but never used it myself... now I kind of want to try it! I've been loving their e/s brush and studio concealer brush though! I kind of want to try the complexion brush but was hesitant about it because it seemed in the video that it was kind of flimsy/bends easily and not dense. Hmmm maybe I will still try it though...

  2. Dana Yoshimizu

    Omg, yes I got it, I'm SO SORRY that I never told you, it totally slipped my mind >_< I've just been so busy.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love everything that I got :) <3

  3. Anonymous

    great post,nice collection of can also post this ad into

  4. izumi

    ooolalla interesting.. i just got a sonia kashuk version of the first brush and it's awesomeeee i use it everyday!

  5. Tina Marie

    I've never tried ELF brushes before but I hear a lot of good stuff about them. Thanks for sharing. (:

  6. Stephanie

    good review! i got a bunch of elf brushes and stuff from the sale but I haven't gotten around to using them yet! I'm gonna go test them out!