I'm a new MARK rep!

on Sunday, May 31, 2009. Filed under: ,

I took the plunge last night (or rather 2AM this morning) and decided to be a MARK. rep! I'm getting my eStore set up! So when everything is all set and ready I'll provide a link if anyone's interested in browsing my shop. I'm super excited but at the same time a little nervous since I have like zero experience in doing anything like this. But everything's a learning lesson, right?!

5 Responses to I'm a new MARK rep!

  1. Rai

    Congrats!! lol I want to try Mark.

  2. Lisa

    congrats :] I'll be sure to come to you when i need my fix of Mark products!

  3. Kym

    yep, everythings a learning lesson and you'll never know unless you try right?! ;P

  4. Chomsiri

    congrats and have fun!

  5. ♥akisalove♥

    hi there~ have you posted your estore link yet? I'm curious to take a look!