Huge Cherry Culture haul & small Sephora haul

on Sunday, January 4, 2009. Filed under: , , , , , ,

Uh yah, as you can see... lol! Its a pretty huge NYX round lipstick haul! I think at this point I probably have all of the NYX lipsticks lol. At $1.50 I just cant resist! I also got a few random Amuse stuff and a zodiac eyeshadow, a blahblahblah lip balm & some NYX lip glosses & falsies =D.

My extremely small Sephora haul. I was trying to find the OPI Sephora nail polish in Metro Chic but they nail polish rack was so fucked up you couldnt find anything (and if you did, you couldnt find one that was opened for no reason).

  • Benefit eye concealer in Lemonaid
  • NARS blush in Sin
I've pretty much bought everything I want from Sephora LOL! I'm waiting on a package though that has my BE Decadence eyeshadows. So yeah!

3 Responses to Huge Cherry Culture haul & small Sephora haul

  1. PiinkCupcakez

    that is 1 big haul! lol love all the makeup goodies

  2. Anastacia

    Hey! That lips stuffs by NYX looks cool! Great haul!

  3. sun-kissed dreamer

    looove the color of your laptop! i adore pink!