ELF haul

on Sunday, January 4, 2009. Filed under: ,

A really huge ELF haul that I am not going to list off! My second to last ELF haul. I was disappointed with the eyeshadows (for the palette). The light pink one was really powdery and didnt show up on my skin AT ALL. And the white one as well was really powdery and I had more fall out than it actually sticking on my skin. I really hate the two brushes I got (I dont remember what the bigger one is, but the other is a kabuki brush), they're both really harsh on my skin.

I'll be doing an uber short review on the Vanilla Coconut Body Lotion in a different post. Wouldnt make sense to make it here lol.

So my dumbass haha! In my final ELF hual I ordered clear mascara (I get eyelashes in my eyes all the time) and I totally didnt realize that the set I got (at the bottom) comes with clear mascara! I felt pretty dumb after I placed the order and went to go look at my stuff and realized I already had one... that's what I totally get.

UGH lol.

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