Coastal Scents haul

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Yes! I finally sent in and received my order from Coastal Scents! I know, it took me long enough. Geez. The shipping was really shitty and I couldnt figure out why since everyone talked about how fast it was, I totally forgot it was December. But it sucked cause first all the palettes were out of stock cause of their Black Friday sale (I got mine during Cyber Monday) and then the shipping! Boo. I hate the holidays!

So! This is what I got....!

  • Pink Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush
  • Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush
  • Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Snickerdoodle Oil
  • Venetian eyeshadow
  • Gel Liner : Platinum
  • 10pk of 5gram jars
  • Free eyeshadow sample: secret earth
So I havent tried anything out since I'm recovering from scabies. Which sucks! But the oil's were for soap & candle making. I totally just realized I needed 10gram jars and not 5gram jars which sucks cause I dont want to make another order from them for just the jars.... booo.

And it also sucks that now that I finally got my 88, I dont even look at eyeshadows anymore! Booo!

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  1. TanyaLasagna

    Why don't you look at eyeshadows anymore?! :O I'm in some type of eyeshadow rage right now!! Lol.

    and I made my wallet out of paper :3