China Glaze & Random

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I had a coupon for Sally's and decided to use it before it expired... and so I had picked out a couple of China Glaze nail polishes and the cashier talked me into opening and Sally's card. So, I got even more. But I'm not really mad cause I saved HELLA money.

  • Summer Rain
  • Jetstream
  • Platinum Silver
  • Love Letters
  • Blue Sparrow (neon)
  • Shower Together
  • Sexy In The City
  • Flying Dragon (neon)
  • Sacred Heart (neon)
Of course, this isnt in order lol.

This was just from a random day I went looking for the limited edition NYC stuff. And I found it, buuuuuut since my town is so damn ghetto, all of the stuff was pretty much ruined. So yeah, that sucked. Big time. Uhm, some of this stuff is from Walgreens, some of it is from Longs Drugs and some of it is from Sallys.

  • China Glaze in For Audrey (I had to get this haha that's my best friends name)
  • China Glaze in Red Pearl
  • China Glaze in Heart of Africa
  • HIP eyeshadow in Fiery
  • Wet N' Wild Mega Mixers in Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Femme Couture Mineral Effects (no idea what the color is and I cant find it)
  • Mini nail buffer from Sallys

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  1. TanyaLasagna

    Yay! Nail polish junkie :P I have a lot of China Glaze too, yupyup. Have you seen the Romantique collection?! I want like.. 4 from it x___x