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So this is kinda a big Sephora haul. I had went to Valley Fair with a friend and got some stuff...

I guess I should had checked the skull palette before I had bought it cause Vert was totally pushed in and I wasnt too happy with that.

I also received my package! I got the Urban Decay palette with the mini PP and the cool packaging lol. I got 2 Make Up Forever eyeshadows + some face glitter, Nars orgasm blush & the free mini train bag + 15 samples.

This wasnt from the same day, this was my second Sephora order. I got the Urban Decay set with 2 eyeshadows & a big PP. I also got the Sephora breast cancer brush set, Sephora eyeshadow palette and Philosophy lipgloss in Red Velvet (which really tastes like it, yum!).

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