Costco & MAC

on Friday, November 14, 2008. Filed under: , ,

I didnt take a picture but yesterday I went out and got that 10 piece brush set from Costco. And I also got my Macy's MAC package. I had ordered Fix+, Little Darlings pigment set in cool colors I believe (the one with the black and red glitter), the purple Red She Said trio and white frost eyeshadow. They didnt send me my free gift so I had called Macy's customer service and the lady was SO nice! She placed an order for my free gift (and charged me $.01 lol). So I'm pretty excited about that! I'll probably take pictures later and edit this post.

2 Responses to Costco & MAC

  1. Vanessa

    Hi there! Thanks! I think I got my hat from Charlotte Russe last year...

  2. TanyaLasagna

    Hey! I'd love to see pictures of this haul =) along with your Cherry Culture haul when you get it! :P I LOVE BURGUNDY. Lol!

    Really? :O Woot woot! ahaha, so where do you live now? Still in Cali?